Schalcon is the leading manufacturer in Italy of contact lenses and solutions. It was founded in 1977 and is present throughout Italy and in thirty-two countries worldwide. Schalcon invests in technology, innovation, design, comfort and safety in the true spirit of Italian production excellence.

Schalcon is organised into two specialised divisions: contact lenses and solutions for contact lenses. Schalcon guarantees a wide range of products to care for eyes. The offer ranges from daily, 2-weekly and monthly soft contact lenses, RGP and cosmetic lenses, which ensure perfect vision, to solutions for lens care and outstanding artificial tears for re-establishing the correct metabolic balance in eyes. Schalcon is a leader in personalised \"private label\" services, enabling its customers to create their own line of products and providing an additional differentiation tool.

Schalcon has always placed great emphasis on quality and the internal requirement for coherence, transparency and social responsibility. Schalcon operates in compliance with an ethical code and rejects all forms of illegality, restriction of competition and corruption.

For forty years, Schalcon has been the Italian company striving to help people to see better.